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Fiona is an international business person with abundant experience in bridging between the East and the West. After graduating from Insead MBA, she took the entrepreneurial route and doing business in an international context became her key focus. After hearing the questions “why don’t you also sell your products in China?” and “how do you enter the Chinese market?” asked multiple times, she decided to launch Xpansion, an information portal for people who are interested in taking their businesses overseas.



Show Host

Born in Phoenix, Arizona this nomad has always had a knack for adventure. He grew up wrestling cattle and roping bulls all while avoiding the sidewinders. At the age of 16, he left home to join a soccer academy in Portugal where he played for the next few years, showing the Portuguese what the wild-west was made of. After receiving a soccer scholarship to the University of California Berkeley, he packed his bags and made way for the Bay Area. There he continued to grow his adventurous personality and graduated with a degree in International Trade and Globalization. Currently, Justin is enthusiastic about all changes driven by technology. As any avid technological disrupter would, he works by day at a startup in San Francisco and by night as a podcast host, hoping to drive his adventurous spirit into tech entrepreneurs in the newest frontiers.



Tech Genius

This geeky hacker just moved from Mexico to Silicon Valley. Before he migrated over, he found a drone company that was invested by 500 Startups. He is forever grateful about the mentoring and experience sharing he received along his entrepreneurial journey. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed by enlarging their network and deepening positive interpersonal influence. And that is why he joined Xpansion.  When he is not podcasting, he is working for a drone startup in the Bay Area.  Though drone is fun, cool and a total conversation ice-breaker, he has grown to love robotics and A.I. His dream is to, of course, make the world a better place by……enslaving robots!

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